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Useful Links

Links to websites and webpages offered here should open on a separate browser screen, while this screen remains in the background, still available for your use.

The sites are presently listed simply in the order as I found them in loooong lists which were interesting, valuable, and sometimes both. As the list expands, we'll work out a better organization scheme. Please enjoy them.

The Old Soldiers' Home (Col. Tom Cohoon (Ret.), now rehosted to

History of the Infantry (M/Sgt Jose R. Ramirez Jr.)

The Generals of World War II

US Army Award Ribbons

American Battle Monuments Commission WW2 Name Search

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

An Army at Dawn: Interactive Map, North African Campaigns

Italian Campaign (Steve Coles)

Builders and Fighters: US Army Engineers in World War II

MOD Oracle, UK military information resource

Feldgrau: Research on the German Armed Forces, 1918-1945.

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