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Mediterranean Theater Divisions and their Associations

1st Armored Division (Active Unit),

1st Cavalry Division (Active Unit), DEAD LINK

1st Infantry Division (Association),
1st Infantry Division (Active Unit), DEAD LINK

2nd Armored Division (Association),

2nd Cavalry Division (No website found)

3rd Infantry (Mech) Division (Association) DEAD LINK
3rd Infantry (Mech) Division (Active Unit),

9th Infantry Division (Private),

10th Mountain Division (Association),
10th Mountain Division (Active Unit), DEAD LINK

34th Infantry Division (Association),
34th Infantry Division (Active Unit),

36th Infantry Division (Association),

45th Infantry Division (Museum),

82nd Airborne Division (Association),
82nd Airborne Division (Active Unit),

85th Infantry (Tng Spt)Division (Active Unit),

88th Infantry Division (Association), (Still 'Under Construction')
88th Regional Support Command (Active Unit),
88th Infantry Division (Private); DEAD LINK

91st Infantry Division (League),
91st Infantry (Tng Spt) Division (Active Unit),

92nd Infantry Division (No website found)

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