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'Himmler's Own' Surrender at Milan SS HQ

ss insignia Today there passed the scene of a dramatic surrender of one of Himmler's SS units of MILAN at one of the city-operated hotels to the Americans. An American Colonel and his Sergeant, German interrogator, entered alone the NAZI SS Headquarters of MILAN COMMAND, bristling with guns and grenades, and demanded the surrender of those death-dealing murderers who even proudly distinguish their branch with the skull and cross-bones, an insignia that represents the countless millions of people who fell under their sadistic power.

The commander of the garrison received both graciously and after the American officer painted a picture of hopeless resistance for a lost cause, which could just as well end in the complete annihilation of the garrison, assembled his 200 neatly dressed subordinates in formation in a large and elegantly equipped suite and at the command of the American officer to lay down their arms and surrender unconditionally, relayed through the Sergeant, the SS commander, Colonel ROULF, with a fixed stare uttered a gutteral command and the weapons fell to the floor in one count. The SS Colonel then rigidly about-faced and surrendered his pistol to the American Officer.

It is interesting to report that the detachment lived in utmost comfort even to the point of having beautiful imported women from the Fatherland to lend the hotel the home touch of domesticity. It was a humbler looking lot of "supermen" that were finally herded into trucks destined for a Prisoner of War cage. Standing jam packed in the trucks many of these killers must have recollected other packed trucks of human civilian cargo destined for inevitable death at the hands of the SS. One of the PWs innocently asked the American Officer, "Why did people think and speak so harshly of the SS?"

US Army IV Corps Intelligence Report #328, date most likely 30 April 1945

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