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Prime Minister Winston Churchill's speech
before troops of General Clark's Fifth Army.

"General Clark [CG Fifth Army], General Bolte [CG 34th Inf. Div.], officers and men of the 34th United States Infantry Division; officers and men of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force; officers and men of the United States Negro troops, Americans of Japanese ancestry and your American officers; I greet you here this morning with feelings of pride that the honor should have fallen to me to inspect these units of the Fifth Army, one of the great armies of the United Nations, which are everywhere advancing victoriously upon the foe.

"The US 34th Division was first, or among the very first of all the United States troops to leave the new world and carry by their sacrifices and their valor the precious blessing of freedom and justice to the lands enslaved by Hitler's tyranny. That tyranny we shall break. We shall shatter the sources from which its evil powers are derived, which will be so obliterated and blasted that for many hundreds of years none will dare to do the like again.

"Officers and soldiers, and the representatives of the Women's Army Corps, Army Nurse Corps, we have here in Italy one of the finest armies in the world. The combination of the Fifth Army and the British Eighth Army bind together two veteran armies, bound together in a bond of brotherhood and comradeship in arms, and in the sense of marching and fighting shoulder to shoulder for a righteous cause. You have done deeds which will long be remembered. In the earliest landings in Italy, the long fighting at Anzio beachhead, the battle of the Cassino front, and the capture of Rome and Leghorn - all of these are episodes which have played a fruitful and an invaluable part in the entire scheme and design of the Allied Armies. No operation could have been more fruitful in this theater than the work which you have done by drawing away perhaps two dozen or more divisions down into Italy where they have been torn to pieces. You have aided notably and most effectively the great battle now proceeding to its victorious climax on the fields of France. But though you have done great deeds in the past, and may well be proud of what has been achieved, I come here to tell you today that the greater ventures and greater achievements now lie ahead of you, and that you will be playing constantly an absolutely vital part in the long, hard struggle for whose speedy end we all strike, and for whose speedy end we all pray.

I wish you - all of you - all the units represented here and the Brazilians - I wish all of you all good fortune; I wish you God speed; may God bless you all."

Source: Headquarters, Fifth Army; Public Relations Section; APO 464; 19 August 1944.

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