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1st Military Railway Service
Mediterranean Theater of Operations

"American "Rails" In Eight Countries - The Story of the 1st Military Railway Service" is the story of the soldier-railroaders who moved much of the materiel our front-line troops needed up to those forward area railheads where it could be used ... and who operated the hospital trains and the rest area trains (if you were fortunate enought to make it all the way back to Rome).

They were but a small part of the 40-some Railway Operating Battalions and their supporting units who served in all theaters of operations - but for our website, they were our own - and we're darned proud of them!

This document - authored by Headquarters, Southern Lines of Communications, European Theater of Operations, in February 1945 - was found in the archives of the Center of Military History, Fort McNair, Washington DC.

The downloadable PDF (or Portable Document Format) file can be found at 1st Military Railway Service (56k, 27 pages). An index has been added that will allow you to find all people, places, units, and railroads mentioned in the publication.

The document as presented there is - within the limits of the my vision, alertness, and and stamina - an accurate rendering of the original; but it is not a "true copy". Occasional misspellings and typographic errors in the original have been corrected. Further annotations - primarily abbreviation and acronym expansions - and insertions of clearly dropped words may appear in 'square brackets'.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader The 1st Military Railway Service download requires Adobe Acrobat software for viewing. If you do not now have this software, please click on the image here to load their reader onto your system.

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