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135th Infantry Regiment, 34th Infantry Division
World War II History, 1941-1945

Project x2011: This collection of PDF files is from the personal papers of Col. John M. Breit, CO, 135th Inf, 1945, which have been donated to the Iowa Gold Star Military Museum and Education Center by his son, William M. Breit.

 • 135Inf.Foreword.pdf; 11 pages, 2.7 MB:
Contents, Outline, Foreword (summary histories of Regiment and Division, Regimental Hymn, Winston Churchill speech).

 • 135Inf.01.pdf; 13 pages, 1.7 MB, from 10 Feb 1941:
Introduction, Induction, training, preparation for and departure from the United States.

 • 135Inf.02.pdf; 6 pages, 0.8 MB, from 11 May 1942:
Arrival in United Kingdom and training and preparation for departure for North Africa.

 • 135Inf.03.pdf; 45 pages, 6.1 MB, from 18 Oct 1942:
Eastern assault force landing, arrival of rest of Regiment in Africa and the varied experiences of units up to the concentration of the Regiment in ROHIA area in preparation for the FONDOUK attack.

 • 135Inf.04.pdf; 45 pages, 7.0 MB, from 27 Mar 1953:
Attack phase of the African campaign beginning with FONDOUK and continuing up to the end of the African campaign.

 • 135Inf.05.pdf; 4 pages, 0.5 MB, from 13 May 1943:
Clean-up day of TUNISIA. return to ORAN area, training and rehabilitation in preparation for the Italian offensive.

 • 135Inf.06.pdf; 11 pages, 1.4 MB, from 15 Sep 1943:
Departure from and arrival of units in Italy up to and including the concentration of the Regiment for the first croasing of the VOLTURNO River.

 • 135Inf.07.pdf; 40 pages, 5.4 MB, from 13 Oct 1943:
Crossing of the VOLTURNO River up to and including the attack of the Winter Line and withdrawal of the Regiment to rest area.

 • 135Inf.08.pdf; 71 pages, 12.3 MB, from 11 Dec 1943:
Rest, training and preparation for the offensive, concentration in Venafro area, attack up the LIRI Valley up to and including CASSINO.

 • 135Inf.09.pdf; 33 pages, 4.1 MB, from 17 Feb 1944:
Relief at CASSINO, rest, replacements, and preparation for departure for ANZIO, departure for and period of static defense at ANZIO.

 • 135Inf.10.pdf; 55 pages, 8.3 MB, from 11 May 1944:
Preparation for offensive, push out to capture ROME, pursuit of Enemy North to TARQUINIA.

 • 135Inf.11.pdf; 36 pages, 7.5 MB, from 10 Jun 1944:
Relief and rest and training area at TAQUINIA; resumption of the offensive North from GROSSETO up to and including capture of LEGHORN and occupation of the ARNO River line.

 • 135Inf.12.pdf; 70 pages, 15.5 MB, from 1 Aug 1944:
Relief of the Regiment, rest area period at resort area South of LEGHORN, movement, concentration and attack of the Regiment into the GOTHIC LINE up to the time of the stalement for the Winter.

 • 135Inf.13.pdf; 95 pages, 17.0 MB, from 1 Nov 1944:
Defense of the line during the winter months and preparation and training up to the time of the offensive.

 • 135Inf.14.pdf; 35 pages, 7.4 MB, from 12 Apr 1945:
Attack from ZENA Valley up to and including surrender of the LXXV Corps German Troops.

 • 135Inf.Appendix.pdf; 81 pages, 19.9 MB, Appendix
Awards and Citations

 • 135Inf.Lessons.pdf; 39 pages, 8.7 MB, Lessons Learned

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