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The Maytag Age

Good Morning Indiana,

Welcome to the Maytag Age - self-agitating - welcome to a nightmare come true again. I bet most of you folks were not alive when Tail Gunner Joe (Sen. Joseph McCarthy R. WI) was ranting and raving his way into American History. I am watching America and seeing 'the tyranny of opinion' rule again.

As a veteran, I know that the world is made up a diversity of people, beliefs and opinions. I thought I came from a society that respected these differences. Supporting this country does not mean agreeing with its every whim ... it means speaking our minds, but doing so in ways that supports our society's Grand Discussion, not in ways that create the Us & Them mentality that doesn't question, that averts its eyes from wrongs.

Is there evil in the world ... you betcha, but it is not just in one place, in one person or in one way of seeing the world. Evil is everywhere. We can usually find a taste of it in our own thoughts and words.

I may not agree with my country or its policies once in a while or even most of the time, but this doesn't mean I do not support the troops. Supporting the troops doesn't begin or end with a time of war. It begins when a young person talks about joining the military - an honest word from a person that has been through the mill, will in the end be more appreciated than all the flag waving and advertising in the world. It doesn't end there, when they come back with the scars that mark them veterans, only another veteran can empathize in a way that connects. Supporting our military is not just sending them care packages but about really caring. Go to a VA hospital and take a good look at reality in the face. There is no glory in war, only pain. Those that see the glory have never tasted the drink.

I do not ask anyone to agree with me, or respect me ... I merely ask that we think before we spread hatred based on opinions ... for that is the moment tyranny has a foothold in our hearts. Personally I will always cry my way through a war - they are not ballgames to be cheered through.

Thanks for listening,

The Raggedy One

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