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Posted by Patrick Skelly, Webmaster on 5 September 2004 at 00:00:00:

Welcome to the Message Board for the Members of and visitors to the BETFOR (British Element Trieste Force) Association.

We have, with regrets, shut down our Message Board facility for about a month pending a redesign which will allow improved management of objectionable posts. In the interim, please send e-mail with a "BETFOR Message Board" subject to the Webmaster, Patrick Skelly, or the Association Chairman, Jim Crow.

Messages with inappropriate or offensive content are removed as soon as practical. We normally check new content on this message board daily for such messages, and remove them at that time. When we are traveling, the frequency of checking depends on when and where we can gain online access.

Unfortunately, we have to expect such abuses. It is the price we all pay in order for you to have a readily accessible message board. Please just ignore any of those problem messages that you might see: opening them may lead you off onto rather unpleasant websites.

Our message board will also be 'pruned' periodically to remove older messages. We leave valid messages visible for at least six months. A record copy of older messages is archived offline.

'Clicking' on the underlined blue name which you'll find in the 'Posted by ...' field in any message allows you to send a reply directly to its originator. Please use this feature for any personal messages.

We thank you for visiting this Message Board and the other areas of the BETFOR Association website.

Patrick Skelly, Webmaster
The BETFOR Association

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