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Welcome to our Fourth Year
The BETFOR Association Chairman

The year 2006 has been an outstanding one for the recruitment of new members. On 1st September 2005 our membership stood at 342. Colin Russell volunteered for and was appointed Honorary Recruiting Officer at Coventry on 11th September 2005. Since then, and entirely due to his determination and hard work, our membership, as of 18 Dec 2006, stands at 538. Colin has been responsible for the enrolment of 196 new members in the past 15 months. An outstanding achievement for one person. Thank you Colin. Our effective membership, however, is 427. This is due sadly to 30 members who have passed on and 71 members who did not renew their subscriptions over the past 3 years.

In August this year 60 members, including wives, sons, daughters and grand-children returned to Trieste for an 8 day visit. Among the highlights of our stay was the organised visits to Rossetti Barracks and Gibraltar Barracks Lazzaretto. We were made so welcome by our hosts of the Italian Army and many friendships have been made as a result of these visits.

In the coming year 2007, a reunion has been organised in Coventry for 20th-22nd April and 67 members have already booked.

I am pleased to see that our Message Board is being used more frequently as a vehicle for the exchange of opinions, views and anecdotes. Please visit it more often and let us have your remembrances of the time you spent in Trieste.

I have to say, as always, that without the sterling work of all the Committee Members and Patrick Skelly the Association would be unable to function. Thank you Guido, Percy, Bob and Colin for your devotion and hard work.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all health and happiness for the year 2007 and I hope that you may be able to contact other members in your area for a social gathering to get to know each other better and perhaps put some new ideas forward for the benefit of the association. God bless you all

      Jim Crow, Chairman

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