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Welcome to our Fourth Year
The BETFOR Association Chairman

On 19th February 2003 I travelled to Farnham, Surrey to meet with Guido Rosignoli and Percy Bartlett in response to a notice placed in The Royal British Legion magazine in December 2002 by Guido Rosignoli. It brought an immediate response from approximately 40 people. At the meeting I was asked to take up the appointment of Chairman of the Association, I accepted, not knowing then how much work it would involve. Guido became Honorary Editor and Percy volunteered as Honorary Treasurer. Our meeting lasted for nearly 4 hours and the way forward was established.

Today I am pleased to tell you that the Association has grown in strength to 378 and, due mainly to the efforts of our Recruiting Officer, Colin Russell, we are getting enquiries almost on a daily basis. Since our reunion at Coventry in September we have recruited 23 new members. There have however, been casualties along the way. We have had 17 members who have been called to the Last Post. In addition some 47 members failed to renew their subscriptions in 2004 and 2005 for various reasons. Again, this year I ask you all to try and help recruit more members.

The reunion in Coventry in September attracted 61 members and wives and, as reported in our Newsletter, was a great success. IÕm pleased to be able to tell you that a return visit to Trieste is being planned between mid-August and mid-September 2006. I have been in touch with our Travel Agent in Trieste to establish the availability of accommodation for a 7 night (8 days) visit within this period. Full details will be forwarded to interested parties when known.

I am unable to fully emphasise the tremendous amount of work that your Committee does on your behalf; I am most proud and pleased to have such conscientious and loyal persons to support me. Thank you. I can assure you that not a day goes by without some form of communication between myself and other Committee members. If you are talking about value for money Š then youÕve got it in your Committee. Thanks also to Patrick Skelly, once again, for his valuable contribution in maintaining our website. I also have to thank Tom Cohoon of The Trieste United States Troops (TRUST) organisation, who came to our rescue during the year and provided us with a Message Board when we had problems.

May the year 2006 bring you all peace and good health. Be kind to each other and, where possible, meet up with local members for a pint and a chat about the old times. God bless you all.

      Jim Crow, Chairman

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