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Welcome to our Third Year
The BETFOR Association Chairman

The year 2004 was indeed a momentous year for me personally as, I'm sure, it has been for the other 70 members and family members who accompanied me on the return visit to Trieste, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the return of the City to Italy. Some of the members who returned had not been there for 50 plus years, and it was a delight to see the looks of amazement, curiosity and delight, with some tears, in their eyes as they first cast them around the City and its environs. The visit was a huge success and there have been many enquiries concerning a return visit. All those to whom I spoke about the trip agreed to its tremendous success. A reunion in Coventry is planned for 9/10/11 September 2005, details of which should be available with the next Newsletter.

Last year I reported a total of 191 Members plus 3 Honorary Members. I'm pleased to announce that our membership figures are now just in excess of 300. Although pleasing, I am sure that we can each do more towards attracting new recruits. I urge you all to consider a target of recruiting at least one new member before the years' end. Please consider a personal letter to your local newspaper Editor asking him for some free space to advertise the Association. There has to be a large audience out there who are unaware of our existence; I rely on you all to rectify this.

Once again I am indebted to all members of the Committee for their stalwart support and hard work throughout the past year and my sincere thanks go to them and their families who do, from time to time, come in for a bit of "stick!" Thanks also to Patrick Skelly for maintaining our website which has not been without its troubles during this year.

I hope the year 2005 will be a memorable one for you all and I would dearly love to see as many as possible in Coventry in September. Take care, look after each other and may God bless you all.

      Jim Crow, Chairman

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