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Welcome to our Second Year
The BETFOR Association Chairman

It is now a little over a year since Guido Rosignoli placed a notice in The British Legion Magazine concerning British Element Trieste Force (BETFOR). As a result of his initiative, drive, and energy the Association was born. Without his tireless efforts there would be no Association and I shall be eternally grateful to him for all that he has done both in forming our organisation and his tremendous achievements in producing our Newsletters. Congratulations Guido.

During the past year we have had nearly 250 enquiries concerning the Association and at the last count we have 191 fully paid up members, in addition there are 3 Honorary Members and a number of Associate Members. Membership is growing daily although there is room for improvement. Can you contribute in any way to encourage new Members??

I would like to pay tribute now to the members of the Committee, Guido Rosignoli, our Honorary Editor; Mike Cooper, our Honorary Secretary; Percy Bartlett, our Honorary Treasurer for the tremendous support and hard work that they put into the Association in order for it to function. I would also like to commend the skill and effort of our Webmaster Patrick Skelly who built and maintains this website; his monitoring of its content has earned the praise of numerous people and organisations outside the Association. Gentlemen thank you so much.

May the year 2004 be happy, healthy and a prosperous one for you all. God Bless.

      Jim Crow, Chairman.

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