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Allied Military Government • 1945-1947

Two pieces, one long and one short, start off our collection on Allied Military Government in the Mediteranean. Both of them focus on Col. Alfred C. Bowman, whose contributions to the postwar reconstruction of Italy had an (excuse this now overused but apt word) awesome impact in Italy and especially in Venezia Giulia and Trieste.

The first and longer piece, What Happened in Trieste ..., a .txt file, touches briefly on the AMG organization in the Mediterranean, on Bowman's experience in the Emilia Region in the Spring of 1945, and in more depth on his two years as Senior Civil Affairs Officer of the British-American Occupation Zone of Venezia-Giulia, British XIII Corps.

The second and shorter piece, Col. Bowman Goes Home ..., is important primarily for what it reveals of the Italian and Jugoslav feelings about our occupation and the uncertain partition of that border region to produce the United Nations administered Free Territory of Trieste.

Bowman's description of his, of AMG's, mission in Venezia Giulia and Trieste was "to feed, clothe, and house the people, to maintain public order, and to prevent disease and unrest, until the final disposition of the territory."

More information on the evolving political situation in that region can be found in the Settling the Question of Trieste [Intelligence Review] documents previously published here.

Look also at our PDF file from the Military Encyclopedia, Chapter 14, Allied Military Government, which provides a great deal of detail on operations and organization throughout the Mediterranean campaigns.

Greater detail on the postwar period can be found in "Zones of Strain: A Memoir of the Early Cold War", by Alfred Connor Bowman; published by the Hoover Institution Press, Stanford CA, 1982; ISBN 0-8179-7731-7.

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